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Service Contracting: Challenges & Strategies

Date:   Nov 13, 2017 - Nov 14, 2017
Time:   8:30 AM
Location:   SCMA Alberta Classroom
Suite 100, 10525-170 Street NW
Edmonton, AB

CPD: 10 Points
Price: $795 Member, $895 Non-member

Pre-requisites: None

Service contracting often has a high level of complexity and covers a broad range of service arrangements. Whether contracting for consulting services or landscaping services or services unique to industry, this two-day session will provide participants with strategies to deal with the challenges of service contracting.

Although this interactive workshop will address issues from the time the procurement need arises to post contract matters, the primary focus will be on developing, establishing and reviewing the service contract and contract management.

This session will address service contracting strategies such as creating and utilizing a Statement of Work; planning strategies; knowing what to look for when retaining a consultant; addressing change management in a contract; implementing service management techniques; and other strategies.

Professionals who wish to address ways to improve service contracting in their organizations, whether in the public or private sector will find great value in this workshop.

This workshop includes a one-by-one review of contractual provisions unique to service contracts. Participants will be provided with specific clauses.

  • Service contracting – what is it?
  • Recognize distinguishing features of service contracts
  • Understand the key challenges of service contracting
  • Plan for success in service procurement
  • Review the RFX Continuum - zero in on a methodology that fits your procurement needs and institutional practices; recognize that no one methodology fits all procurements; and review different procurement methodologies including "to contract A or not"
  • Examine restrictions in securing service providers
  • Establish the contractual service relationship - learn how to recognize an employee vs. independent contractor relationship; to establish the relationship that you want; and to avoid the consequences of a costly and improperly framed relationship
  • Explore service contracting strategies such as:
    • creating and utilizing a Statement of Work
    • developing and implementing change management processes and documentation
    • planning strategies
    • knowing what to look for when retaining a consultant
    • performance measurements
  • Consider key service contract risk items and pitfalls and helpful mitigation strategies: inadequate descriptions of work; dealing with change when it arises (because it does); addressing service compensation issues; failure to address service in larger equipment procurements; incumbent suppliers; and other risk issues
  • Review Contractual Differences between General and Professional Service Contracts - Explore the differences between these two frequently used types of contracts. This review will demonstrate that not “one size” of service contract fits all and assist in streamlining certain contracts.
  • Build a stronger service contract - Review and utilize contractual provisions unique to service contracts such as an approval of work clause; suspension of work clause; service deliverables as a condition of payment; service termination clauses; service insurance clauses; establishing who owns what (intellectual property); assignment and subcontracting; and finalization of services
  • Learn how to be a better service customer
  • Once the service contract is signed – what then? Address such topics such as – using the Statement of Work to facilitate the work and review contract management strategies 

About the Instructor: Debby Shapero Propp, BA, LL.B.

Debby Shapero Propp is a commercial lawyer with a focus on procurement, technology and health law and has provided legal services in the private, public and broader public sectors for over 25 years. Debby provides advice on challenging procurement initiatives, major group procurements and on all aspects of increasingly complex procurement issues and related commercial processes. She acts for her clients in major technology acquisitions, negotiations for both traditional and emerging technologies such as IT contract management, software licensing, consulting and professional service agreements. She has developed a number of different types of service contract templates and has provided advice to clients on and negotiated a wide range of service contracts.


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